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“When I started working with Elana, I was seventeen years old—a time when most people are struggling with who they are and who they hope to be--but I was in considerably more distress than others. Between trying to handle relationships with people my own age, who I rarely felt able to relate to, and coming to terms with my own strengths and weaknesses, I was seriously in need of someone who would help me learn to trust that other people would accept me and realistically work through those things which limited my self-esteem.  Elana's ability to make me feel safe telling her my deepest insecurities and her frank yet compassionate way of framing my issues helped me accept myself and gain a more rational, positive way of thinking about the future.”  -E.S. 

Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. ~The Wonder Years television show 

Elana Mundorff, LCSW

adolescent issues

Adolescence is a period of transition and change.  

It is the time between childhood and adulthood, a limbo between

who you were and who you’re going to be.  Because of this, it is often

steeped with emotional turmoil.  There are hormonal shifts, physical

changes, and emotional highs and lows.  There is the challenge of

navigating social expectations, friendships, and budding

relationships.  There is the task of developing your own identity.

There is the need for developing coping skills.  There is still a

reliance on parental guidance and support, but an increased desire

for independence.  In a nutshell, there is a lot of confusion. It can be

a challenge for anyone to tackle all the issues that come with maturing into an adult.  

Sometimes the stakes are even higher.  Problems can range from substance use, self-harm, or feeling like you want to end it all.  Fortunately, I'm here to help.  

Create a new, better beginning. 

Therapy provides a confidential place for you to figure it all out.  

Nothing is off-limits!

You can feel safe talking about problems with school, family, friends, yourself, or the future.  You can ask questions or discuss frustrations about your body, emotions, behaviors or self-esteem.  You can learn ways to cope with emotions and situations that may feel overwhelming right now.  It’s not easy being a teenager and sometimes a little guidance and support can make all of the difference in getting through it as smoothly as possible.